we're heading out on tour

We're hitting the road next week in support of our new album. We have several dates on the West Coast and you can get the full details on our Facebook page. Come say hi. 

Our new album is now available

Our new album "Elaborate Minor Crisis" is now available to the world. You can buy a cassette tape through Youth Riot Records, buy a digital copy through Bandcamp, or stream it on Spotify. Thanks to everyone who came out to our release show it was an incredible night. 

Elaborate Minor Crisis has premiered on The Grey Estates

Can now preview a stream of our new album "Elaborate Minor Crisis" on The Grey Estates. Check it out at THIS LINK. We also had the honor of sitting down with the Portland Mercury for an interview about the new album and you can read that at THIS LINK. The official release date for the album is right around the corner and we're very excited to celebrate at The Know on September 17th. 

We played PDX POP

We were honored to luck out and get added last minute to the PDX POP NOW 2017 festival last month. We had a great time and were blessed with a killer dance crew that made the magic happen for us with little notice. Big thanks to the members of Shortline (you can check out their tunes HERE) who helped out. It was really cool to get to see them play the festival that day then have them join us for our set. We also we're graced by one of our favorite retired local acts Golden Hour for our cover of their song "Crush". It was a groovy day and here are some pics from the show (mostly shot by Corbin Corbin). You can also see a live video of Supermoon thanks to Nontrast Video


New premier on Scene Point Blank

We have a new taste of our next album on Scene Point Blank. Spiral Out is the second single from our new album Elaborate Minor Crisis that will be out in September via Youth Riot Records. 

You can check out the premiere HERE

You can pre-order our new album through Youth Riot records

We're honored to announce we will be working with Youth Riot Records for our upcoming release Elaborate Minor Crisis. 

You can pre-order the cassette on their site HERE

You can also check out the first single Supermoon which is currently featured on Heartbreaking Bravery.

We are now a four piece!

We're very excited to announce we have added a new bandmate to the lineup. The lovely Basil (from PDX band Radler) is now taking helm at guitar alongside Paul. They bring a great new dynamic to our existing catalogue and we can't wait to write new material with together. Here's a video of our first show with Basil last month. The track is called "Undercover" and it will be appearing on our new album  Elaborate Minor Crisis...   

Our new album is in the works!!!

We spent the better part of December chugging away on our new album "Elaborate Minor Crisis". We're really excited to have something to share soon. In the meantime you can check us out live this Saturday at the Club Sofa House. Check out our Facebook for more details. 

We're playing at Mothership Music

We will be playing Mothership Music for our first time next week. This is one of the coziest lil' spots in town run but the lovely Dewey. We will be supporting White Cloud on tour from San Francisco and our buddies the The Social Stomach will be opening the show. Come hang out. 

Come see us at the St. Johns No Fest

We're playing one of our favorite music festivals on Saturday, the St Johns No Fest. We will be kicking things off at 4:00 pm sharp on the Mothership Music curated stage at Plews Brews. 

Come enjoy the quirkiest underground music fest in one of Portland last remaining "weird" neighborhoods <3

We played Rigsketball (badly)

We played a round of Rigsketball this weekend as part of the PDX POP NOW festivities. We pretty much had our asses handed to us from Hustle and Drone but not without getting some signature weird in on our end. 



Come see our of Montreal tribute show with the School of Rock

We have the honor of being selected for the School of Rock "Epic Album series" where they choose local PDX bands to challenge the students of the School of Rock to cover one entire album that influenced them as a band. We have selected of Montreal's Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer? and can’t wait to see these kids slay it.We will be playing after the epic School of Rock set and we will be featuring a new stage show to honor the fantastic live spectacle of Montreal has been executing throughout their career. Come out Friday April 29th to the Clinton Street theater to check it out, doors open at 8:00. Tickets are $5 and proceeds go to benefit PROWUS  a non-profit organization that provides grants for students age 8 – 18 in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area who are pursuing extra-curricular music education.

Watch the full performance from our Album release

Our dearest friend and all around video guru Austin Spayce was able to film our full performance for the 13 AD album release show. If you want to see our psychedelic rendition of story behind our album you can check it out in the 2 part videos below. 


Watch our new video for Skulduggery

You can now watch our brand spanking new video for Skulduggery on YouTube.

Our new video for "Skulduggery" premiers next week

We're back from a fun as hell tour on the east coast and we are now ready to unleash our video for "Skulduggery". This epic video brings together our love of X-files, Twin Peaks and Are You Afriad of the Dark and was shot and edited by the wonderful Austin Spayce who made our very first video for "Foine". We're having a debut party at The Know on August 4th with our buddy (and one of the stars of the video) Consumer. and our sexy band crush Love and Caring. 


We're kicking off our East Caost tour Thursday with our homies Lubec. Looking forward to seeing all of your lil faces: 

Our new album 13 A. D. is now available

We have released our new album 13 A. D. This is a concept album about our 2014 East Coast tour told through the allegorical lens of The Wizard of Oz. To pick up a limited edition cassette or download of the album you can check out Bandcamp. We also have the album available for streaming on Spotify

New video for "Witch Hunt"

We have a brand spanking new video for "Witch Hunt" off our upcoming album 13 A. D.


This was directed filmed and edited by our best friend Empea all in the span of 13 hours! Be sure to join us on June 20th at Habesha for the release of our full album 

Done tracking our new album

We wrapped up tracking on our album this weekend then went and got a lil day drunk. Looking forward to June 20th for the official release at Habesha:

We got new shirts for sale

We have our new shirts for sale on our bandcamp. Snatch em up before Courtney Love sues us. 


We're playing with Broken Water Wednesday!

We get to play with one of our favorite northwest bands this Wednesday. Broken Water is on tour in support of their new album Wrought and will be playing at the Know this with us as well as another Olympia band Defaceman. 


We will also have new shirts available at the show so come pick one up. 





Video footage from our show at Valentines

We got some neat video from our show at Valentines a few weeks ago. 

We're playing at Sandy Hut

We're playing a show with our buddies Is/is, Sister Mamie Foreskin and Consumer at Portland's favorite dive The Sandy Hut. Check out this neato flyer our Paulsky made!

Check out our new single Skulduggery

We're excited to release our first single with our new lineup. It's called Skulduggery and you can buy it as part of the SDMPDX Winter Copulation. 



We're part of the SDM PDX Winter Copulation

We are honored to be a part of the SDMPDX Winter Copulation. Lots of great local PDX artists to check out and you can get your copy  HERE. SDM was generous enough to let us debut our new line up at their Fringe Nights fest last August and it's an added boost to get to be a part of this "copulation". There will be a release show this Saturday featuring artists from the compilation so come check it out. 

Our first show this year!!!!

Hello 2015!!! Our first show this year will be January 24th at the World Famous Kenton Club. It is in celebration of the birth of our schmancy bass player Caroline. We're being joined by our buddies Mall Caste, IOA and Hollow Sidewalks.

We're playing in Coeur d'Alene

Havania Whaal will be heading east this Saturday to play the Hogfish in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We're all very excited as we have never visited this fine city before. See you soon!!!

We're back

Haven’t checked in since tour but we had a great time on the East Coast. Got to play for our families and make new friends along the way. Thanks to all the bands, houses and people that came out and made it a great tour.


We’re excited to announce a lineup change! Paul Billy has moved to guitar and we now have the lovely Caroline on bass. You may know her from her other project Lubec.


We got the pleasure of debuting the new line up at Fringe Nights hosted by SDM PDX! Really appreciate being included in that fest and we're looking forward to a  bright future with that family of folks. 


Next up we will be playing at NoFest with a whole handful of our favorite Portland bands. You can check out the full line up here:



Then next week we are playing with two different touring bands at the Foggy Notion. Big Mess from Lowell Massachusetts and Trashlord from Seattle. 


Come see us on the East Coast

We're embarking on our east coast tour in two days. You can see our full schedule HERE.  Come rage with us. 


Help us go on tour

Our Motherland Tour is creeping up on us and we need your help to get on the road. We're having a party at Habesha Lounge with our buddy bands Muzzy, Mascaras, and Love & Caring. We will have a raffle for prizes and will be taking donations at the door. Hope to see you there:





We're playing with Purling Hiss

Our next show is 3/18 at Bunk Bar with Purling Hiss. You can buy advance tickets HERE


Playing tonight at Habesha with Vamos from Chicago

Playing a sick show at Habesha with some rad dudes from Chicago. 

We're goin on an east coast tour

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