Havania Whaal

Havania Whaal is the Portland, Oregon songwriting team of Noelle Magia and Paul Billy. Together they have been exploring the sonic realms of shoegaze and post punk since 2012. The pair site common influences from acts like The Cure, Cocteau Twins, X and Sonic Youth; but they then blend those influences into something entirely their own.


The couple originally met when their earlier projects (Glitter Express and Best Supporting Actress) played a show together in 2011. The night lit a spark between Magia and Billy and they began writing music together a couple of months later.


Havania Whaal thrive to bring intriguing performance elements to their live shows. This has included a fully scripted play performed to their 2015 release 13 A. D. Actors took the stage in oversized paper mache heads and colorful costumes to recreate the story behind the album. The band, in a nod to the Wizard of Oz theme of the album, performed behind a curtain for the entire show. For the 2017 release of their third album Elaborate Minor Crisis the band produced a burlesque show to accompany several songs from the album.


Havania Whaal is also well known for their intricate homemade music videos. This includes the 8 minute saga for “Skullduggery” that features an X-Files spoof nestled inside of an Are You Afraid of the Dark homage. The band’s most recent video for the song “Supermoon” is a sci-fi misadventure of a girl wandering through a number of psychedelic space scenes. It’s Barbarella meets Alice in Wonderland.


Havania Whaal has toured frequently across the United States and played several music festivals including Total Fest in Missoula, Montana and the PDX Pop Now Festival in Portland, Oregon. They have shared the stage with luminary acts like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Purling Hiss, Shana Falana, Broken Water, Beverly and Naomi Punk.

Their 2017 release Elaborate Minor Crisis garnered generous praise from press outlets including Distinction Music Management and Tiny Mix Tapes. Look out for a 7" and cassette of two new tracks to be released in 2019.


"hearing Havania Whaal’s third artistic statement, Elaborate Minor Crisis, I’m transported a decade and 2500 miles in the past. It doesn’t hurt the echoed production and noise wall of EMC seems to call to me from the foggy past; an ancient mariner’s song of every musical stereotype of the northwest. But truth is EMC has more going for it than a pile of PNW tropes." - Tiny Mix Tapes


"The Portland-based trio thrives on a sonic display of influences and inspirations that unravel into something wholly their own. There's no one description or genre that this band fits into and its an album that begs your full attention. This isn't a release that should be relegated to background noise while you surf the Internet or head off on your commute to work, it's one you need to hand yourself over to." The Grey Estates