Havania Whaal

Havania Whaal has remained an ever-important fixture of the Portland DIY music scene for years now, all the while growing into a fuzzy, echo-specked force of nature that both matches the city’s gray and hazy climes while also outgrowing them.



The duo of vocalists (and spouses!) Noelle Magia (Plastic Weather, Smoke Rings) and Paul Sobiech (Fine Pets) anchor the band in the beauty of their contrast. Magia’s battle hardened no-wave yelps, squeals and coos serve as the backbone of frenetic, hooky energy in the songs while Sobiech's post-punk croon cools the edges. 


Look out for a 7" to be released in 2019.

"[Elaborate Minor Crisis]...This is an album which explores several angles of the same overall sound, which feels like something like some other stuff you will have heard, but also manages to emerge in other directions into areas which you will not have heard before. It’s definitively American, it’s plain daft in places, “The Party” feels like a Thurston Moore laconic ramble through a Bongwater track with a no wave bad attitude nibbling at your ears. Other parts are plain shoe-gazey in a Cocteau’s stylee. Sometimes, on “Chambers” particularly, Sobeich channels Ian Curtis, which is slightly incongruous, and in particular said track heads in an early goth direction  before sounding like it has leaped, kicking and screaming, from the back entries of Northampton in the 1980s. “Spiral Out” is particularly memorable juxtaposing a poppy Liz F verse with a punky Coathangers chorus. Closer “Dylan McKay” is as relentless a closer as any band would sell their souls to Jools Holland for." Aural Delights



"Where ECM truly distances itself from the PNW rap is “Blow Torch,” where the stilted melody and lyrics creep toward early Aughts NYC, particularly Interpol (Hi Carlos!). Wherever Havania Whaal gathers their inspiration, it somehow whirlpools back to their base of operations. Only the PNW can house a band with this much aspiration and force. So here’s the hoping the juggernaut trio can break out of that location and find some DIY love all across the country."Tiny Mix Tapes



"Portland-based trio thrives on a sonic display of influences and inspirations that unravel into something wholly their own."- The Grey Estates