We're back

Haven’t checked in since tour but we had a great time on the East Coast. Got to play for our families and make new friends along the way. Thanks to all the bands, houses and people that came out and made it a great tour.


We’re excited to announce a lineup change! Paul Billy has moved to guitar and we now have the lovely Caroline on bass. You may know her from her other project Lubec.


We got the pleasure of debuting the new line up at Fringe Nights hosted by SDM PDX! Really appreciate being included in that fest and we're looking forward to a  bright future with that family of folks. 


Next up we will be playing at NoFest with a whole handful of our favorite Portland bands. You can check out the full line up here:



Then next week we are playing with two different touring bands at the Foggy Notion. Big Mess from Lowell Massachusetts and Trashlord from Seattle. 

At the moment we are wrapping up writing on our next full length and first concept album. We also have a new video in the works... stay tuned